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Welcome to Timewise, where productivity meets progress. At Timewise, we're on a mission to transform the way businesses manage their teams and unlock their true potential. With our cutting-edge employee monitoring app, we're redefining how organizations approach productivity, collaboration, and growth.


We envision a workplace where every second counts, where teams are motivated by progress, and where businesses thrive on efficiency. Timewise is our contribution to making this vision a reality. Join us on this journey towards a more productive and rewarding future.

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Our Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time insights into activities, allowing for tracking tasks and overall productivity.

Performance Evaluations

Evaluate performance based on data, to ensure maximized productivity.

Time Tracking

Time tracking feature enabling precise logging of work hours, fostering transparency and accountability.

Remote Work Facilitation

Elevate your remote workforce management with our app, offering clock-in and clock-out functionality.

Overall Dashboard

Experience unparalleled control and insights with our comprehensive dashboard

App Usage Tracking

Gain deep insights into how applications are utilized across your workforce

Timesheet Overview

Experience seamless accuracy in time recording, ensuring precise documentation of work hours

Screenshot Overview

Capture snapshots of screens at intervals, providing a visual narrative of tasks and activities


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PT. ESL Internasional Indonesia

Building Estimation

Since adopting Timewise, our team's efficiency has skyrocketed. The real-time insights and accountability it offers have reshaped how we collaborate. This app is a game-changer for productivity!

Jennifer Chang

Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer, precision and time management are crucial. Timewise has become my secret weapon for maintaining both. Amazing!


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